Ultimate Hydraulic Torque Converters

An amazing attachment that gives you greater power and flexibility on the job.

Imagine having the ability to increase the torque of your main drive unit by over four times!
With an easy-to-fit attachment that takes under five minutes to connect up.

NZ Stirrers, an innovative company based in Auckland, New Zealand, developed this concept for those companies specifically in the business of driving in “screw anchors” and “pile drilling”.

5 Models available

Ultimate torque converter – Screw anchor

If your project requires some real power to screw in screw anchors, or for drilling holes up to 3.2 metres (10ft 5in) in diameter, you can quickly and simply attach the Ultimate Torque Converter, increasing torque by more than 4 times. We do recommend when using the Ultimate Torque Converter Attachment, using a short boom, 45 ton excavator (minimum) for “screw anchor work”.

The Ultimate Torque Converter takes under five minutes to attach using three special bolts. No extra hydraulic hosing is needed either.

The Ultimate Torque Converter comes in its own specially designed cradle, that holds it upright for easy, safe connecting – disconnecting as well as for safe transporting.

The whole unit is easily transported separately from the excavator in its own cradle which makes for quick connecting to the excavator. There is no need for a specially built / modified excavator unit to drive the Ultimate Torque Converter attachment, just an everyday excavator.

Ultimate Torque Converter – Pile Drilling

For smaller, more shallow screw anchor or smaller pile hole projects, you can simply use NZ Stirrers attachment without the Torque Converter on. With a powerful 2-speed drive motor, you still have plenty of power to start off your screw anchors by getting them in quicker and then attaching the Torque Converter to finish them off.

Without the Ultimate Torque Converter Attachment on, you can still drill holes up to 2.3 metres (7ft 6.5in) in diameter (depending upon ground conditions and excluding rock).

This makes the Ultimate Torque Converter attachment, convenient and cost effective for those awkward projects with limited access, or those smaller projects without the budgets for larger, more expensive equipment – not forgetting the convenience of not having to wait for those specialized pieces of equipment to become available. No need to be using setups weighing 120 ton or more with big transport and set up costs.